Beth Batts

Beth Batts is an accomplished professional with a distinctive educational background and a passion for enabling individuals and teams to achieve their objectives. She holds a Master of Arts degree from Cornerstone University and has undertaken additional Master's level studies in autism under the guidance of Dr. Marion Boss. Her internship at the Balmyer House in Alloa, Scotland, provided her with a unique perspective on neurodiversity. Through her extensive experiences, Beth has built a solid foundation in training program development, instructional design, and quality standards.

Starting her career as an educator of individuals with disabilities, Beth developed her expertise in innovative curriculum development and inclusive learning theories. Today, she applies these principles to her work in various capacities, whether developing training programs, facilitating leadership cohorts, or leading a team towards their collective goals.

Beth is the founder of BB Consulting and an adjunct staff member at the University of Davenport's Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx), where she facilitates leadership certification courses and develops training programs for clients such as international manufacturing and supply chain companies. Recently, she revamped and created a sustainable bus operator training program for The Rapid in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her innovative approach replaced guesswork with foundational knowledge and clear expectations, resulting in a highly satisfactory training experience.

A lover of the outdoors, Beth finds inspiration in nature and is a lifelong learner, continually seeking ways to improve. She enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures by immersing herself in local lifestyles.

With her diverse background spanning school systems, corporations, manufacturing, and healthcare, Beth brings a wealth of experience and a breadth of knowledge to every project she undertakes. Her energy and determination are evident in her dedication to empowering others and acting as a catalyst for change.


Beth has helped me from the beginning stages of starting my business and has been there along the way to keep me on track with consistent conversations about my growth as a businesswoman. My business has taken off, and I am thrilled!
- Kristina Shellenberg, Kristina Shellengberg Cleaning

“Beth was the leading factor in developing the onboarding and training program specific to (our) unique processes and employment base, reducing turnover while increasing employee awareness and overall satisfaction.”
Jessica Van Suilichem, Controller